About Us

One of the well-established company in the Turkish leather footwear sector, which RUBY SHOES Co.Ltd. It was established in 1965.
Prepared shoe collections of fashion in Turkey and has been a pioneer of quality consumer appreciation kazanmıştır.so year in RUBY shoe’s patented brand of collections gathered on RUBY, truly reflects the shoe technology in Turkey and fashion development.
A family enterprise with the second generation, extending a management approach by the administration is that RUBY SHOES Island – after being Hürriyet neighborhood of 36 years from 2001 continues in the head office in Büyüksaat Adana operations since.
According to the annual production capacity of 180-190 thousand çifttir.taleb in normal conditions, this capacity can be increased.
RUBY SHOES fully integrated technology to keep production in the department was created in the production chain
of employees it takes care of people who have been accepted to full mastery of the profession. Except for the fair was attended prepare for professional customers’ private collection of ..